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Welcome to Toledo's largest natural food market!

Claudia’s is the largest
alternative market in
the greater Toledo area,
with full-time customer service and information
from certified
supplement specialists! 

We are devoted to promoting personal health, environmentally friendly products, and a
community atmosphere. 
Our staff is educated,
well-trained and eager to help customers find
what they need! 

Claudia’s Natural Food Market has been growing since its debut as a tiny supplement shop
16 years ago.
Since then, we have expanded our merchandise to include grocery, cleaning, pet food and produce, as well as an extensive supplement sections and a full-sized deli!

Thanks to our customers, we are now renowned state wide and still growing!

Claudia's Natural Food Market is conveniently located near The University of Toledo, making it easy to stop in and stock up on a great selection of wholesome food!

Claudia's Natural Food Market
3343 Secor Rd.
Toledo, Ohio 43606
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